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still on the subject of the sushi bar ...

They were disturbed this morning when they could only count nine (out of eleven) of the fish in the pond this morning. The missing ghost koi soon put in an appearance, but the cream Zoolfish was nowhere to be seen.

we were all interrogated ruthlessly until, eventually, the recalcitrant Zoolfish emerged from under whatever stone it had been lurking. We do wish They would learn that we are not interested in Their bloody fish until the creatures have grown enough to provide a decent mouthful.

and, as an aside, they seemed ridiculously upset about the loss of a 2" goldfish that they bought on Saturday, costing less than UKP3. So They should be really distressed when we do consume the wretched piscines (heh heh!)
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My blobs keep stealing my take aways.... I mean, I spend all night honing my finest hunting skills, bring home a couple of tasty morsels for myself and that annoying small black female I have to share the house with, and all the blobs do is shout at me, and throw my meal away!

I ask you, what sort of behaviour is that???